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Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta


The Student Union of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences

The students make the Student Union

SAVOTTA – The Student Union – is you! Every student at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences can join as a member of the Student Union. The Union offers services, counselling and supervision of Students interests locally and nationally. The Union provides its members many services: cafeteria CafeSAVOTTA and cafeSAVOTTAmicro, board games, yearly calendar etc. The Union also organizes student events, courses for student activists and of course get-together meetings and free time activities through the academic year.

The Student Union of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, known amongst friends as SAVOTTA, is a non-political service and support organisation for all students in Savonia University of Applied Sciences. The Student Union is an autonomic public corporation founded as mandated by Finnish national legislation. According to the law, the Student Union is part of the Savonia and its mission is to act on behalf of the students and as their representative.

Highest decision making body of the Union is the council of the representatives consisting of 12 annually amongst members of the Union elected students. The representatives elect the members of the Union´s executive board which consists of a the chair-of-board and 5-8 members, all appointed for a one year term at a time.

The Student Union is here for you!

At Savonia you will get a student card for free for the first time. The student card is students ID-card, library card and log in card to other services at Savonia. As a member of the Student Union the student card expands to national student ID-card which entitles you to a number of discounts during studies locally, regionally and nationally in Finland.

Currently the Union has over 4000 members. SAVOTTA works in close co-operation with the administration of Savonia UAS and develops education together with the working groups Savonia. The Union nominates representatives to the board of Savonia UAS, Board of Study Grants and other working groups.

SAVOTTA is a member of SAMOK (Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences). In SAMOK our local student union has influence on national matters and the members of the executive board have access to the seminars provided by SAMOK. SAMOK is also our mouthpiece to the state administration and national organisations.

The Student Union is making it more fun, a little bit easier and less expensive to study and to be a student.

Find Student Union from Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/opiskelijakuntaSAVOTTA

The Student Union Head Quarters the cafeterias

The Student Union membership and the student card – how to apply?

Every student of Savonia must have the student card but the membership is optional. SAVOTTA membership is only for students of Savonia UAS. Full time students get blue student card and other students get green student card. Exchange students are usually eligible for the blue student card! Card is valid one semester or one study year at a time according to your own choice. Membership costs between 17,50 to 25,00 euros for a study year depending of the time you pay the membership fee for.

EXCHANGE STUDENTS NOTE! You are eligible for the blue student card.

Joining as a member takes place via paper application. As a new student you may need some help for using the form. If you need help for using the form, please turn to your tutor or to SAVOTTA´s cafes or office to get assistance. New members need to get their picture taken for the student card. Picture can be taken at the SU office.

New members are able to collect their student cards from the member service points after receiving an email from SAVOTTA.

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